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Core Team in Projects and Training Initiatives

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer (schiefer(at)uni-bonn.de)
Director CentMa_Research and member FoodNetCenter, University of Bonn

Dr. Jivka Deiters (jivka.deiters(at)uni-bonn.de)
Food Economics, Chain Management, E-Commerce, Trust

Simone Fritzen, MSc (simone.fritzen(at)uni-bonn.de)
Food Economics, Certification and Control, Trust

Emily Willkomm-Laufs, MSc (haccp(at)gmx.de)
Food Science, HACCP, quality system auditor
(cooperative engagement through HACCP course activities)

Inge Meyer

Cooperating Scientists

Claus Scherschel
Computer Science, proQuantis, Bonn

Dr. Sebastian Jarzebowski
Food Economics, Agric. University of Warscaw

Dr. Robert Reiche (robert.reiche(at)uni-bonn.de)
Food Technology, Chain Management, Chain Information Systems, System Design
(through cooperative engagement with Euro Pool Systems)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Frohberg
Policy Modelling