Chair Bio-Innovation-Park Rhineland
Representation and strategic development of a cluster region and its members encompassing 2 communities, 3 universities and about 20 companies. The clusters engages in innovative production and processing activities building on renewable resources.. Production alternatives include building material, insulation material, packaging, etc.

European Transparency Platform
Organization and maintenance of the European Transparency Platform. The internet platform integrates various European projects and initiatives dealing with transparency in food chains, www.transfood.eu

European Technology Platform (ETP) ‘Food4Life’
Prof. Schiefer has been founding member of the ETP and chairman of its working group on ‘Food Chain Management’, http://etp.ciaa.be/asp/index.asp

INFITA International Network on IT in Agriculture
Prof. Schiefer is coordinating an international network of associations focusing on the utilization of IT in agriculture, the food industry, and the environment. The network includes the associations EFITA, AFITA, PanAFITA, CIGR, IAALD, FAO, www.infita.org