KAT Database and Audit Scheme

Development, organization and management of a tracking, tracing, and audit database for assuring the quality of eggs throughout Europe. The database is linked to the numbers on eggs and can be accessed by companies and consumers. The database is owned by KAT (Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungsformen e.V.), see https://www.was-steht-auf-dem-ei.de

QM and Tracking/Tracing software solutions for agri-food trade, fruits and vegetables, mills, bakeries

Quality Management, tracking/tracing, and audit software solution and integrated communication platform presently used by about 250 companies in agri-food trade, by trading companies in fruits and vegetables with many distributed outlets, by mills with dedicated quality schemes involving farms, and by bakeries with distributed individual bakery shops. The system is known as QM/G,

Community communication platform

General communication platform for exchange between enterprises , regional communities and research organizations for improving exchange and communication for innovation support. The platform is used by a.o. the members of the “bio-innovation park Rhineland”.

Quality system decision support (QUALINT)

The Qualint database is an internet based database solution that includes the most common quality management systems with their specifications. Features allow the comparison of systems (benchmarking) and the identification of enterprise system deficiencies if additional quality systems need to be implemented on top of already active systems. 

General knowledge and service platform (SALSA)

The Salsa platform is an internet based platform which integrates a multitude of functionalities and services. It is adaptable to various needs. In its present form it hosts a document database, a wiki, a life cycle assessment tool and others. The platform has an extensive user management system and allows the organization of various sub-platforms that serve different needs within a common bound. It was developed in conjunction with the European project SALSA.