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Core Team in Projects and Training Initiatives

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer (schiefer(at)uni-bonn.de)
Director CentMa_Research and member FoodNetCenter, University of Bonn

Dr. Jivka Deiters (jivka.deiters(at)uni-bonn.de)
Food Economics, Chain Management, E-Commerce, Trust

Inge Meyer

Cooperating Senior Scientists

Claus Scherschel
System Design and Computer Science, Bonn

Margit Negwer
System Design and Computer Science, Bonn

Dr. Robert Reiche (robert.reiche(at)uni-bonn.de)
Food Technology, Chain Management, Chain Information Systems, System Design
(through cooperative engagement with Euro Pool Systems)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Frohberg
Policy Modelling